The State of the Electric Utility 2014


UPDATE: Click for the 2016 edition of this report.

The electric utility landscape is changing fast, and it can be difficult to cut through the noise to understand what is actually happening. Utility Dive surveyed over 500 electric utility execs to reveal what they think are the biggest threats and opportunities facing the industry.

Examples of Findings:

  • 95% anticipate that their utility’s regulatory model will change over the next 10 years, and 57% believe it will change significantly.
  • 70% of utilities already offer or plan to offer dynamic pricing to customers within the next five years.
  • 54% of utilities say they face stakeholder pressure to supply cleaner and more sustainable energy.

“The survey shows that the industry knows it has warts. However, it also shows that utilities see immense opportunity in distributed generation, dynamic pricing, and customer data.” -Utility Dive Editor Davide Savenije

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