State of the Electric Utility


By now, it's become cliche to suggest the utility sector is in the midst of a transformation. For years, we've been told that the rise of alternative energy technologies would drastically change the way electric utilities do business. And while most in the sector agree that the utility business model is changing, opinions of what it will look like in the future are much less unanimous. In Utility Dive's annual report on the state of the electric utility in 2016, we surveyed over 500 electric utility executives to better understand the differing perspectives on this period of transition.

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Sample Findings:

  • Only 3% of respondents say their utility's business model doesn't need change
  • Utility executives see the existing utility regulatory model as the biggest impediment to transforming business models
  • The three biggest challenges facing utilities in 2016 are all legacy issues - aging workforce, outdated regulatory model, and aging infrastructure
  • Utility executives see significant opportunities in emerging areas - energy efficiency and DSM programs, community solar, and EV infrastructure

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