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Closing Skill Gaps

Strategies for Priming Your Talent Pipeline

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Elisa Vincent

Director of Leadership and Professional Development at Bright Horizons

Elisa Vincent is the Director of Leadership and Professional Development at Bright Horizons. She leads the strategic implementation of employee development initiatives in support of Bright Horizons’ workforce planning goals. These responsibilities include the creation and delivery of leadership and professional development training for corporate employees.

Jay Titus

Sr. Director, Enterprise Solutions and Partnerships at Bright Horizons

Jay Titus leads the enterprise solutions team at EdAssist, working directly with our clients on policy and process design to make sure their investments in tuition and student loan programs effectively support the intended outcomes. In addition, Jay oversees the development of strategic alliances between EdAssist and our academic partners in higher education.

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77% of CEOs are concerned about the availability of key business skills1, and with good reason. With low unemployment and Boomers hitting retirement, the race is on to attract and retain skilled employees. Because of this, talent acquisition strategies alone cannot ensure healthy talent pipelines. Hear how companies are turning to their existing workforce to fill key roles, promoting educational opportunities that help employees gain needed skills in new and creative ways.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How talent management and learning and development initiatives are shifting in response to complex business needs
  • Strategies for appealing to employees’ desires for career growth – across generations
  • Case studies of closing skill gaps through targeted talent development programs

1 “20th Annual CEO Survey.” PWC, January 2017

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