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Strategies to Overcome Today's Biggest Shipping Challenges

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Steve Osburn

Director, Kurt Salmon

Steve is a Director for Kurt Salmon where he leads the Supply Chain Design and Implementation Services. Most recently, his work has focused on helping omni-channel retailers improve their network to respond to the rapidly changing retail environment. Steve also leads the yearly Kurt Salmon Omni-Channel Study that benchmarks retailer performance in fulfillment and communications throughout the peak season.

Louis DeJianne

Director of Retail, UPS

Louis DeJianne directs corporate marketing for the retail industry at UPS, which includes the annual UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper study. He’s worked in a variety of capacities across the country for UPS including segment marketing, product management, pricing, and supply chain solutions. Louis holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Clark University and an MBA in Marketing from Georgia State University.

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The retail marketplace is transforming rapidly. Marketplace drivers such as a rise in urban population with disposal income, digital connectivity and mobile commerce options have grossly affected the way consumers shop. Additionally, the expectations of today’s consumer have drastically changed from 15 years ago. Most expect delivery in under 4 days and are no longer willing to pay for shipping. Meanwhile, labor costs for retailer fulfillment and distribution centers is on the rise. So how do those goods get to their destination without compromising convenience to your customer?

In this webinar, industry experts share strategies to overcome the challenges of shipping in today’s marketplace without having to compromise convenience for your customers.

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